I knew my purpose ever since I was born, to protect the galaxies and create alliances.

- Captain Abrilai

Abrilai Vykan is the honorable warm-hearted leader of the Galactic Mammalian Alliance and the Davet Empire. He is currently on a quest to encounter the one known as Aedan Apollo Cretacea. His empire, or the Galactic Mammalian Alliance, includes the empires known as the Khrese, Criles, Tohera, Romin, Limbun, and other Mammalian empires.

Early Life[]

Abrilai was born in a major davet city on planet Astan near the same time which Aedan Apollo Cretacea was born. His father, Astan, had died from lung cancer, of which his mother Aya was killed during an attack from the Cryce Empire. He grew up to hate war and the Cryce, but still was on a quest to search for more empires and captains to ally. He is also looking forward to ally the human species, not to destroy them.


Abrilai is always willing to do the good thing, not just the right one. Despite the fact that he is much, much taller than most other species, he is considered a friendly captain. However, he is not afriad to use violence against enemies. His most often personality is warm-hearted, for he cares about others all the time, and rarely starts war with another empire.


Humans were never brutal to us, and we shall give them our gratitude. We, the Davets, are the shining gold of the universe. And I won't stop until the galaxies are safe from harm.

- Captain Abrilai

You are a true lunatic Abrilai, and my bleeding rage is watching you!!

- Stenton, evil commander of the Cryce Empire