01 was ripped from the birthing chambers of a minor Grox world by a powerful Tyranny strike force. The Tyranny quickly archieved space dominance, and surrounded the Grox world, launching an orbital bombardment before invading it. Although the Grox had fearsome armaments of their on, the presence of Dominatus on the ground as well as incredible amounts of Tyranny robots, combined with the orbital bombardment meant that the Grox could be defeated rather easily. The cloning halls were occupied and the cloning pods injected with a deadly neurotoxin that liquified the Grox infants inside. However, there was one baby that remained, an Alpha amongst Meta. This barely formed Grox had survived the catastrophe and was still tangled in a giant bundle of cords. The baby was taken out and chosen to be a template for the overseers, and was injected with the Ultima Servillis serum. However, the serum could only do so much, and because of the Grox biology, the projections meant that it would be nowhere near being able to fulfill the requirements of being an Overseer. While still in it's infant stage, the infant was taken apart until only it's barely connected viscera and organs remained. These remains were connected with cyborg parts, turning it into a metal husk.

Education and Overseer[]

01 was educated in Stanbridge, where it performed incredibly well academically in subjects such as mathematics and physics given it's cybernetic nature. Pure mathetamtics was the greatest strength of 01, which it applied meticulously in it's ability to quickly refashion entire battlefields to its advantage and hack into almost anything. 01 however turned out to be both inathletic, and, once deprived of his suit, both weak and physically frail. He was as such continuously bullied by the Dominatus students of Stanbridge and often enturely unable to fight back. Doubt about his worth soon build up in 01's otherwise brilliant mind, conflicting greatly with his Grox-giver superiority complex, and causing 01 to develop a split personality.

When 01 was moved over to Camvard, it was already completely paranoid and utterly unwilling to let itself be bullied again. Rather than attempting to make friends with the Dominatus at Camvard, 01 completely isolated himself from them to focus squarely in it's chosen fields. While this strategy made 01 little friends, it worked as it was expected to, and the Grox Overseer graduated with the highest honors.

After graduating, it was presented with 100 Grox Battlesuits who had been cloned from it's own material. These were apathetically named 02, 03, ect. Due to his superiority complex, 01 believed these to be not a perfect as it was, and gave them Dronox-like weapons instead of the weapons it had itself. It then named them the Steel Reapers. Like their progenitor, the Steel Reapers soon proved to excel in both grinding seige warfare and in extremely hostile enviornments that only beings like the Grox could hope to surive.

Attero Dominatus[]

During the many campaigns waged by the Tyranny, 01 was stationed in the Andromeda Galaxy and participated in the campaign to seize the Deep Core, nearly succeeding before being repulsed by the forces of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth.

After the Dominatus began to be beaten back in the Andromeda Campaign against the Tyranny, 01 took matters in its own hands and retreated to Mirus, calculating that no effort on it's part would safe the doomed Dominatus colonies in the foreign galaxy. It retreated to its homeworld of Ferrus, fortifying it to an insane extent and bunkering down with its remaining Steel Reapers, waiting for the inevitable strike to come. This blow arrived the form of the Mendel Pact, who led the effort to claim the Overseer Citadel. The Mendel advance into the hollow world would prove to be arduous. They fought for a whole month not only against the Steel Reapers but also against the Citadel's automated defences. Squad by squad, the forces of the Mendel Pact were scattered across Ferrus' multi-layered defences so that they could not bring their full force to bear.

Ferrus was only taken by a surprise attack of the Alpha Cyber Collective, who first launched a viral attack against the Citadel world of Ferrus, putting it's automated defences offline, and then went straight to 01. It was testament to the vast tactical acumen of 01, that although it was caught off-guard by the swiftness of the strike, 01 was not destroyed outright by Jacarva the Annihilator and Karack the Destroyer, two of the Cyber Collective's most capable commanders. The combined strength of the two the Endless, however, proved to much for even 01 to bear. The Grox Overseer activacted a special sequence that would teleport itself directly to Demogorgon Prime, while at the same time collapsing its own personal chambers upon the two Endless, preventing them from following it. Damaged as much by the initial surprise attacks of two Endless and by its own escape, 01 would receive a new, centipedal body upon the capital planet of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Their prize having escaped them, the Collective quickly retreated from Ferrus and continued their pursuit, leaving the more than slightly confused Mendel forces to destroy the remaining Steel Reapers on-planet and secure the world.

01 would distinguish itself once again during the battle for Demogorgon Prime. In the final stages during the assault on Malogenesis, 01 using its new body to singlehandendly chew trough and stall the advance of Anti-Dominatus tank battalions. Though its new body made him utterly impervious to orbital bombardments, aistrikes, and ground combat, the ADC leadership had been merely content to keep the Template satisfied with fresh metal until they had had fully mapped 01's rigid assault tactics. Only then they would bait him, bait which came in teh form of a DCP Regent. While the Regent stood no change against the literal steel reaper that 01 had become, he had never meant to engage 01 either. Instead, the Regent maneuvred 01 into just the right position to call down a Surface to Space bombardment upon both. Using the metallic carapace of 01 as cover, the Regent escaped with his life that day, while the intense bombardment managed to crack open 01's armored shell and finally put an end to the enhanced but still all too squishy Grox within.

Enraged beyond all reason that he had failed to claim the Template, the Eternal-Mind would embark upon the long and arduous process of creating a new 01 out of Alpha Grox genetical stock. Though eventually succesful after many, many failures, by that time galactic technological avarage of of the mayor Mirusian powers advanced to such an extend that even a reborn 01 would no longer be able to inspire a true iota of terror in the hearts and minds of it's leadership and would, at most, constitute a planetary nuisance. Thus, the original purpose of 01 was abandonned, and though it kept its title of Overseer, it was put in charge of the the Endless, the same beings that had nearly brought it down before. 01-Alpha, as the new thing was referred to, felt the same kinship towards them as it had felt toward the Steel Reapers, for the Endless were Dronox permanently interred into battlesuits, much like 01 was for a Grox. Its status of a permanently interred Grox amongst permanently interred Dronox and its reconfirmed position of an Overseer also made 01-Alpha feel entitled to the position, though such things were natural to the Cyber Collective and not at all deviant. Since then, 01-Alpha has served the Eternal-Mind faithfully, and in serving another Grox, its formerly erratic personality has healed. During the Great Mirusian Conflicts, 01-Alpha sucessfully defended the Eternal-Mind against an attack of the Imperium of War, fighting it's fellow Overseer Cruon to a stalemate, at the end of which the death-seeking Dragowar Overseer Template once more needed to be forcefully abducted by his donor-father Brutius.



01 is as large as a human, but its strength is far greater then that. It's body is is nothing more than a Grox skeleton, brain and heart, connected with cybernetics. Although this is not visible from the outside, it's DNA is also enhanced with Dronox DNA, in order to make 01 and it's clones survive on planets with life.


It can be said 01 is it's own equipment. It can generate bullets inside his body, with means it has indefinite ammunition. 01's armor emits intense radiation, making it dangerous even without any other equipment. The weapons of 01's battlesuit include a gigantic thunder hammer designed to bring down fortifications in a single blow and which 01 wields in its fully robotic arm, and Bladed Knuckles plus a Gamma Ray Blaster and a Black Hole Projector attached to the bone of 01's remaining organic arm by the twisted remains of 01's flesh. On its back, the suit possesses multiple purely mechanical arms that serve as spare parts and can fulfill a variety of roles in combat.


As a Grox, 01 is immensely xenophobic, always seeing enemies around him even when there were none and acting accordingly, silently disdaining the other Overseers and always finding some flaw in the organics. This tended to erupt in outbursts of violent ravings against anyone not of its own DNA or that of the Dominatus when something did not go 01's way. However, to other Dynasts, 01 presented a face of cold disdain, with none of the intensity that it showed when only around its own - the Steel Reapers. To its Dominatus masters, 01 seemed instead a sentient robot, content to follow its orders to the letter. None of this was a facade.

This seemingly split personality emerged as a result of 01's training, during which it drilled to believe that the Dominatus were the supreme form of life, which ran contrary to the intructions it recieved while still in its cloning pod, which stated that its own race, the Grox, occupied that position. That 01 means "assimilant" in Cyber Collective Grox binary code (with 0 meaning "inferior", 1 meaning "superior", 00 meaning "non-assimilant", 10 meaning "non-Cyber Collective Grox" and 11 meaning "Cyber Collective Grox") only further served as a source of hidden resentment for the Overseer.


01 is much stronger then other Grox, and its natural radioactivity has also increased tremendously. It is telepathically connected to the other Steel Reapers and can issue orders with a thought. Other than this and the tremendous advantages given to it by its Dynast enhancements, 01 mainly relies on its battlesuit to execute its directives.


Blue face.png Serving Under[]

Serving you is my sole directive.

  • Tyrant Abandon Heimdall - Superior. Master recognised.
  • Admiral Drakon Moltekion - Superior. 01 is logged as this one's favourite Dynast. Favour reciprocated.
  • Eternal-Mind - Superior. Current master regognosed.

Yellow face.png Allies[]

Working with you achieves my directive.

  • Nosferatu Hexus - Silence is meaningless.
  • Cravidor - Stress is meaningless.
  • Mosivam - Faith is meaningless.
  • Dra'erath - Zeal is meaningless.
  • Corpulus Obesson - Gluttony is meaningless.
  • Hedon Morillium - Indulgence is meaningless.
  • Pathogis - Deceit is meaningless.
  • Cruon - Rage is meaningless.
  • Crogki - Manipulation is meaningless without results.
  • Kuzushimasu - Destruction is only meaningful in the name of the Tyranny.
  • Hag'mar'ah - Apathy is...meaningful to 01? Does not compute - "cameraderie" expunged.
  • Xenomortis - 01 acknowledges an equal - this once.

Orange face.png Neutral[]

No opinion yet/Not enough data gathered.

Red face.png Enemies[]

Exterminate! Exterminate!



- Nosferatu Hexus

Ours! The lost Supremeling!

- The Eternal-Mind


  • 01 is created by GreatDestroyer12, but the character's traits, weapons and history were made by Ecoraptor3339. Due to his status as an Alpha Grox, Eco's role later passed on to Zillafire101.