Éaltar Gauisa was a male Libertus bounty hunter active in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Among the most wanted bounty hunters in the galaxy, Éaltar was infamous for being the most proficient killer and bounty hunter, and his skill in stealth and combat. Éaltar had a sense of honour, but also extreme independence, willing to take on any job. During the Dark Times, he was hired by Zillum to kill Gianne Inviá, the wife of Apollo, finally admitting his crime to the President during the Second Great Cyrannus War, leading to his execution by way of airlock.


Early History[]

Éaltar's history is, typically of bounty hunters, completely shrouded in mystery. Nobody but himself knows what planet he is from, who his family were, or what age he is. The first major mission preformed by Gauisa was his secretive involvement in the Bombing of Orbispira, where he planted a bomb on the orders of two figures; one was Garlboz of the Confederacy of Allied Systems (with Nexatru, also of the CAS), as well as Mizio of the United Republic of Cyrannus. At first, when Garlboz requested Gauisa perform this task, Gauisa disapproved, although Mizio proved more successful in persuading him, explaining that a war was beneficial to the Republic's interests for reasons the Republic didn't know, including the fact that the Confederacy hoped to seize control of Cyrannus' information to filter out the unnecessary information to their own benefit.

This makes him responsible for the Great Cyrannus War. However, neither the United Republic of Cyrannus nor the Confederacy of Allied Systems had any idea of his involvement; in fact, neither Mizio nor Garlboz had actually given Gauisa the request. Gauisa was spotted in a space station in the Mid Rim of Cyrannus, home to the Zaarkhun games (seen in Place Your Bet), in which Garlboz left a message for Gauisa, and Gauisa saying to himself "Your secret is safe with me, Tyrómairon".

Great Cyrannus War[]

Gauisa was next seen on Orbispira, were he attempted to assassinate President Apollo, he almost got away with it, however Carillion saved Apollo's life causing the bounty hunter to flee. Soon after, he was contacted by the Confederacy for a new hunt. The Confederacy decided that they would hold Senator Mer Mirea hostage and make demands to the Republic, knowing that Gauisa was the most proficient bounty hunter in Cyrannus, they sent him to attack Mirea's Luxury Vessel. Quickly attacking the vessel, he boarded the ship, and beamed out with his influential captive. After delivering the senator, Éaltar was paid a huge sum and returned to his planet to wait for his next job. He is considered a prime suspect for the attack on Corunnia, which ruined the peace talks.

Gauisa effortlessly destroys opposition on Apailiana.

At the very end of the First year of the Great Cyrannus War, Gauisa was contacted by the same unknown figure that contacted him regarding his other missions. This time, it would be difficult: Infiltrate the Great Library on Apailiana and steal very secret and sensitive information. Gauisa was able to penetrate the planetary shield of Apailiana and quickly bypass the Republic Defense Fleet in orbit before landing only a few meters from the mouth of the cave in which the library is located. He quickly moved into the library, silently killing the armed guards and moving his way into the main chamber of the Great Library, using his personal cloaking device to move past the more difficult enemies, the Panther-class Battlemechs, which remained oblivious to the bounty hunter's infiltration.

Éaltar takes his shot.

After several minutes of searching the library for the ancient computer terminal that the unknown figure directed him to, he finally found it and downloaded the vast swaths of information within. He then returned to his ship, narrowly missing the extra guards that were sent into the cave in order to apprehend the killer of the stationed troopers, however they failed to catch Gauisa, as he jumped into his ship and sped up into the atmosphere, while sending the huge amount of information to the unknown figure. Gauisa remained in hiding for the duration of the war.

Later life and death[]

Using the vast amount of credits he received during the Dark Times, Éaltar purchased many new armour and weapon upgrades, becoming a formidable fighting force. Three years after the end of the Great War, Gauisa was contacted by Zillum, who offered a lucrative bounty, which the wily bounty hunter accepted. Travelling to Capricaerón, he took up a position in a high rise skyscraper, and killed Gianne Inviá. Making use of his now considerable fortune, Éaltar retired from bounty hunting, and with the exception of a few minor jobs to keep himself occupied, he largely vanished from the galactic stage. One notable exception was his involvement in the downfall of Flovos Pretio and his old enemy Rivergron during the New Cyrandia Wars, where he anonymously provided incriminating information about their involvement with the Cyrannian Imperial State to the Empire and Republic alike, which led to Aiora Xaeymea ascending to the throne of the Cyrannian Syndicate.

Éaltar confronts Apollo on Colonial One.

During the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War, however, Éaltar was roused from his solitude by the Phaedric Order, which sought to capitalise on the chaos in New Republic space after the Cataclysm. Agreeing to take one final job, Éaltar once again travelled to Capricaerón, and assassinated several New Republic senators in what became known as the Republic Day Attacks. Though initially successful, Éaltar was repelled by Arasah Nui when he attempted to kill Vice President Ramdard Ramthrace, though quickly recovered and boarded Colonial One, the starship of President Apollo. Confronting Apollo, Éaltar revealed that he was the one who killed Gianne, and the two fought briefly, before Apollo's guards subdued him.

Though Éaltar expected to be sent to a Republic prison, one he could easily escape from, he was put out the airlock under Apollo's orders, ending his life.

Personality and Traits[]

Éaltar Gauisa was among the most feared bounty hunters in Cyrannus. Éaltar was a formidable foe in combat, and used incredibly powerful equipment, much of which was illegal (although it is suspected that he has certain permission from the Empire to bypass some laws). Éaltar prefered to deal with his foes in the quickest and most efficient way possible, depending on the mission. In many cases, he likes to be silent, depending on whether the mission requires him to be.



Yellow face.pngI work alone.


Red face.pngYou're next on my list of kills.


You have proven most useful, bounty hunter.

- Tyrómairon

A good Hunter, but not as good as me.

- Barda Clett

I could have done all he did myself and much better... Why the master wasted his time with him is beyold me.

- Meketanor

You have proven to be quite a nuisance, bounty hunter. For years I've been trying to eliminate you, but be sure of what I say: that day is coming close!

- Rivergron



  • The character was made by Cyrannian, though Technobliterator made his page, because of this, he is now a shared character between the two.

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