Tips and Tricks[]

Deaths can be spread across any number of games. It is easiest to die in hard mode, but can be done in any difficulty mode.

  • Cell stage: Get attacked by a normal, or epic cell and let them kill you.
  • Creature stage: Attack an Epic, Rogue, or regular creature and let it kill you, go into deep water and get eaten by the Sea Monster, or don't eat anything and starve yourself to death.
  • Tribal stage: Attack other tribes until they start to attack, and let them kill your tribe members or siege your hut. When they all die or your hut burns down, you lose. Another way is to attack an epic and have it massacre your tribal members. You can also just let all the tribe members starve to death.
  • Civilization stage: Decrease the relationship of any nation to war or sworn enemy, and let them destroy every single cities of yours.
  • Space stage: Attack an empire's home planet to attract the empire's ships, encounter other hostile ships, or run into T0 hazards and let your ship to be destroyed (every empire of yours destroyed will not count).