UNO Shooping Mall is an UNO building.


It is a large, round structure with multiple smaller structures inside it. these smaller structures are found in both open air and inside it. A small structure can contain up to 6 different shops, leaving a huge amount of items to browse from.


UNO Shopping Malls are used to buy and sell all items, as well as just a place to chill out with friends. They are often seen as a huge centre of UNO cities' society for this reason. Shopping Malls also contain entertainment and performance locations, as well as cinemas, so they can be seen as an entertainment buildings too. A shopping mall is property of the government.


The UNO Shopping Mall is made of many different materials, and some these days are found made of Gyronidium. The entire building contains smaller buildings, and there are even more underground. The buildings are all carefully constructed by Drones. The building in the image is in fact a very small version; often Shopping Malls are much, much taller, up to half a kilometre high.


A few lager ones can be found in the centre of a city, or near the outside. One digs deep into the ground. They are often connected by multiple city transport routes. The UNO Shopping Malls are often surrounded by linked smaller malls.

Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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