UNO Housing is an UNO building.


UNO Housing is an enormous skyscraper, with several different floating houses alongside it. From there, the owners are free to decorate buildings further. Some use flora, others like to paint them differently. The entire building is an apartment block, with the floating houses around it being premium apartments or garages.


This is the most common type of UNO apartment housing. They are found all around UNO cities; only the very rich own any normal houses, or those who work on farms outside the cities (although there are very few who do these, days, they simply live in Kralgon worker pods). In addition to serving as apartment buildings, they can easily be converted into a hotel, as underground the building, a pub and restaurant can be found. Overall, up to 3,000 people can live in a single apartment, and some rarely leave it.


The UNO apartment is made of many different materials, depending on the materials available near the planet. (rich locations have buildings made of Gyronidium, although the number of buildings using this metal are increasing). The building is powered by Chronoscopic (which is wired to through the underground). The buildings are all carefully constructed by Drones as well as several other Kralgon construction robots.


UNO apartment buildings are found on UNO controlled planets. They can be found across the outer areas of the city. However, as there are no proper roads in UNO cities, just a metallic surface, they are simply placed with at least 10 metres distance away from the nearest apartment structure. However, often there are Kralgon living pods inside the city, in which case the same 10 metre distance applies.


Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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