UNO Chronoscopic Reactor is an UNO building.


UNO Chronoscopic Reactor is a huge cube/pyramid shape, with several large tubes for Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic, which will be distributed to other structures. These buildings work in conjunction with some Kralgon pods which serve the same purpose. The Chronoscopic Reactors contain a 'reserve pod' underground, so that they can keep some Chronoscopic around to produce itself. As Chronoscopic is incredibly had to comprehend, being a 5D energy, no one really understands how the Chronoscopic Reactor really works the way it does, and its design was based purely on trial and error testing to see how to pump more of the energy.


Used for powering all UNO structures, and for supplying Chronoscopic/Dark Chronoscopic where needed. They dig the energies out of the planet, or simply cause a Chronoscopic reaction; caused when both Chronoscopic types react and create a large energy burst that powers several buildings. As Chronoscopic produces itself, there is a pod underneath the Reactor that contains a Chronoscopic reserve, where it will produce enough amounts (this is often used on planets which lack Chronoscopic in them).


UNO Chronoscopic Reactors are made of many metals (nowadays some use Gyronidium). The building powers other buildings in the city with underground wiring with Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic, and there are possibly more reactors underground. The buildings are all carefully constructed by Drones, and send power to at least 100 square miles.


At least 10-20 can be found in a city, and some are underground. They can also sometimes be found at the top of large skyscraper.


  • Recreation of the Taldar Chronoscopic Reactor
Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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