Constructoriums are UNO buildings.


Relatively small structures, these factories are large structures which contain other smaller buildings on top. Many believe this is because they are rendered somewhat obsolete by many things, such as Drones, but UNO claim this is because there was difficulty designing them. They were based on old Ottzel Constructoriums; all race' factories were replaced with these buildings when UNO was formed between the races.


They are now almost obsolete. The Constructoriums were once used for producing robots, and many other things which are now produced by Drones, as well as Kralgon Factory pods. However, some are still used for overseeing construction on a planet/city or other purposes, but they are rarely used. In some cases, they serve very strategic purposes; they can fool the enemy into thinking the Constructorium is obsolete, or into thinking it is still used. This serves useful in several cases.


The Constructoriums are made of many different metals (these days Gyronidium is growing common with UNO). The buildings are powered by Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic (which is wired to through the underground). They were linked to by trains, which presumably transported Gyronidium from Chronoscopic Reactors.


They can occaisionally be found in some areas on Grenzaar and some old UNO colonies, but besides this, there are little to none. Where they are found, there is only around 1 per planet.


Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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