City Halls are the centre of UNO cities and planets, as well as the hub of planetary/system of oversight.


UNO City Hall is a huge skyscraper (around 0.75 kilometres), with several circular green and gold devices around the building, which are in fact Chronoscopic (the Dark Chronoscopic is invisible on this building). There are four towers on the building, with the largest being the main part of the building.


The City Hall is where the planet is overseen. However, it is mostly overseen and run by AIs.


Made of multiple materials and commonly of Gyronidium, City Halls are the hugest structures in an UNO city.


Located in the centre of every city (there are now towns in UNO), the UNO City Halls are surrounded by more commercial beings such as Shopping Malls.

Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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