UNOL HQ is the headquarters of UNOL.


Appearing as an enormous skyscraper (much larger than other UNO buildings, being 1.5 kilometres high), it is contained in the interior of UNO Omega Commander. It is located on the inside, however.


UNOL HQ is the council place of the Unified Nation of Ottzello. It is not only where Grenzaar is overseen and commanded from, but where the entire nation is overseen. It is said that, besides UNOL themselves, no other being has entered it.


The structure of UNOL HQ is classified, besides its outside appaearance. It's an incredibly large structure that dwarfs any building in UNO. Around the building are wires/links to Gyronic Reactors. It was unknown if the building was even created by Drones, or if it was created originally as the Kralgon Emperor's palace. It is also believed that the Vyro'Narza constructed it when they constructed Grenzaar, and it was based off the same design for their Highest point 3D perception.


UNOL HQ is at the very top of Grenzaar. It is unknown if it was created by the Taldar or UNO; while with it being such a big part of Grenzaar's structure it seems crazy that it couldn't have been built at the same time, but the colouration is not the same as the rest of Grenzaar, and matches that of UNO's buildings.


Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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