The Taldar Housing is a Taldar building.


The following will describe the false information of the Taldar Housing.


Taldar Housing is a huge skyscraper, with several different floating houses alongside it. From there, Taldar are free to decorate buildings further. Some use 3 dimensional flora, others like to paint them differently.


This is the most common type of Taldar housing. It is used by Taldar during their free time, which they can customize to their own will and just chill out with friends and family. Every Taldar has a right to one, and does not need to pay and money (as Taldar lack the need for currency).


The Taldar Housing is made purely of Gyronidium. The building is powered by Chronoscopic (which is wired to through the underground). The buildings are all carefully constructed by Drones as well as the owner.


Taldar housing buildings are found on Taldar controlled planets, and in the Taldar realm. They are sorted in the same way other races sort their houses.



In reality, this is simply how Taldar Housing is perceived in the 3rd dimension, as Taldar create this 3D perception. In reality, Taldar houses are nothing like any normal mortal building. They aren't even a proper structure, just a piece of holographic space in the Taldar realm.


Main article: UNO Housing

When the Taldar gave Unified Nation of Ottzello technologic designs, they gave these designs to them. As a result, UNO use the exact same buildings, but they are in different colours.



  • This was created based on MushrumKing (Mushroomking1)'s building designs.
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