Booster is a Maxis-made cell, appearing in the Cell Stage at Level 2. It is the first cell with the Jet in the game, which makes it an early target to get the Jet part.


  • A peer-sized Booster is faster than a player with 1 jet, even though Booster also only has 1 jet. As such, the player can almost never chase down a Booster. However, it can still be killed when cornered, as it turns very slowly.
  • Unlike most of the NPC cells, none of its parts are hidden, a trait it shares with Minno, Grubby, and Jetster.
  • This is the only cell you can actually replicate in the Cell stage, as they have no hidden parts, and their spine is 6 segments long, like yours.


It will make a "gahgooah, garrgh" noise when hit. A peer-sized Booster can make a "gahh!!" noise when hit, the same noise as Jawhead.


  • Attacking it head on will yield the best results, as it is typically faster than the player when encountered.

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