A Mega Bomb being dropped.

The Bomb is a ship-launched explosive weapon designed to be dropped onto colonies in order to destroy them or force them to surrender. The Anti-Matter Bomb is a similar weapon, but much more destructive.

These bombs are relatively inaccurate, and decrease in accuracy the higher the altitude from which they are dropped. Combined with their low speed, they are completely ineffective against fast-moving targets such as spaceships. However, they make up for these disadvantages with a large blast radius, which is also increased with upgrades. The Bomb is capable of capturing/destroying cities very quickly.

Note: Due to the high damage bombs deal, they may end up destroying cities rather than capturing them. The player should be cautious of this if they intend to capture a system.

Requirements Edit

Upgrade Requirements Damage per bomb Energy used per bomb Energy Efficiency Description
Mini Bomb Icon
Mini Bomb
Warmonger 1 or Colonist 2 300 0.5 600 A weak bomb capable of damaging vehicles and buildings.
Justa Bomb Icon
Justa Bomb
Warmonger 2 or Colonist 3, Mini Bomb 600 1 600 A medium-powered bomb, capable of destroying vehicles and buildings.
Mega Bomb Icon
Mega Bomb
Warmonger 3 or Colonist 4, Justa Bomb 1800 1.5 1200 A powerful bomb, capable of destroying many vehicles and buildings. Most of the time it completely destroys a city hall instead of actually capturing it.

Purchase Edit

Empire type Purchase Cost
Mini Bomb Icon Justa Bomb Icon Mega Bomb Icon
Own §320,000 §640,000 §2,400,000
Trader §260,000 §520,000
Warrior / Knight §200,000 §400,000 §1,200,000
Zealot §300,000 §600,000