Blue Giant

A Blue Giant

A blue giant (or Blue main sequence) is a very hot star. Due to the very high fuel consumption, blue giants have a very short lifespan (less than 100 million years in some cases, up to a billion in slightly cooler blue stars). When the fuel runs out, these stars will die in a massive Supernova explosion, which will create a Black Hole or a neutron star, depending on how large the star is. Despite its short lifespan in reality, it is impossible to witness a Supernova explosion in the Spore galaxy regardless of how long the game session is played, possibly to avoid the Heat Death. The spectral type of blue giants is O or B resulting in its blue, sometimes white luminous appearance. The surface temperature is usually about 20,000K. In Spore they appear as bright white and blue stars. Most planets orbiting these stars have blue spice and are among the rarest stars in the Galaxy, though they are still quite common compared to binary stars.

Trivia Edit

  • These are the only stars to house blue spice planets.
  • Blue-giants are considered as the largest stars in the galaxy since there is no such thing as Red or yellow super-giants in the Spore galaxy.
  • This type of star is based on the actual star called Sirius A since these stars are twice as large in volume compared to main sequence stars. However, Sirius A is much too small to die as a supernova. There is a very high chance that it was created without Sirius A in mind, with the knowledge that many stars are blue giants.
  • You are most likely to find blue, green, pink and purple spice planets orbiting these stars, which are generally considered to be more valuable spices.
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