Bloato is a Maxis-made cell appearing in the Cell Stage at Level 5 in Spore. It is one of the last of cells appearing in the stage and predator-sized cell, tied with Snorf. It doesn't attack or get attacked by Snorfs.

It possesses the Proboscis, hidden Cilia, and Button Eye cell parts.

Unique parts that can be harvested from this creature[]


  • When exposed to poison, bloato makes an "Ehem" sound.
  • Bloato makes a "Wewewewe" noise when fleeing.
  • Bloato makes an "Owww!" noise when hurt.
  • If chasing the player, despite having a Proboscis, Bloato makes the chomping noise that the Jaw makes.
  • If attacked, it will be scared of the player and start swimming away.


  • Bloato could be multicellular with the same reasoning behind snorf.
  • They are known as 'Poker' in the game files. It may have changed to bloato because of a cell called pokey already existing, so players could confuse it for an evolution or a relative of pokey. Bloato was also originally called "Pokey" in the beta version of Spore.
  • Bloato resembles the other cell, Nosey; both being green-colored and possessing many eyes and one Proboscis.


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