Bloato is a Maxis-made cell, appearing in the Cell Stage at Level 5, and one of the last of cells appearing in the stage. He is also the last cell you meet with proboscis and cilia.

Bloato is one of the last predator-sized cells appearing in the stage, along with the Snorf. He has a total of 9 eyes and 8 cilias. He is highly aggressive.

Bloato can be hard to defeat, since his predator size means he's immune to bites. Electricity does little damage and Poison only stuns him for a brief period. His only weak points are between the cilia, and near the mouth (which is dangerous, since it can eliminate half of your health if you touch it.) You should try to aim between the cilia with a spike. Bloato is aggressive, but runs if he gets hit, so make sure your Cell can keep up. He is quite fast, at speed 4, so you need at least the equivalent of two jets to keep up.

His body shape, skin color/texture, proboscis and high speed suggests it may be related to Nosey in some way. He is impossible to eat by your cell, and for some reason, he doesn't attack or get attacked by the similarly-sized Snorf.


Bloato's infamous 'death stare'. He generally looks at another cell with this expression when it's planning to attack it. He may also look angrily at your cell, meaning he's plotting to attack you.

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Sounds Edit

When exposed to poison, Bloato make an "Ehem" sound.

Bloato make a "Wewewewe" noise when fleeing.

Bloato make an "Owww!" noise when attacked

If chasing you, despite having a proboscis, Bloato make the chomping noise that other predator cells make.

If attacked, he will be scared of you and starting swimming away.

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