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Blitz the Storm Striker, Plasma Ravager from Cryos.


Blitz Artwork.


Blitz as he appears in the Darkspore BETA. He is slightly edited here, and also does not appear to have an extra pair of eyes(Although a utility part may allow for him to have 4 eyes).

Blitz the Storm Striker is a Plasma Ravager from the planet Cryos, in the upcoming game Darkspore. He has mainly Lightning-based abilities, and has a slightly reptilian appearance. In a hero squad, he pairs particularly well with Magnos, due to his 'Plasma Wreath' ability, as pointed out in the 'Squads and Abilities' video from Maxis.

Revelation Edit

Blitz was first seen in a screenshot at Comic-con 2010, and was then later revealed on the Darkspore website at the end of summer of 2010. He stole most of Vex's spotlight and is now one of the most popular Darkspore heroes.

Lore Edit

When Crogenitor Ptyron first assessed the fallen world of Cryos for possible revival, he dismissed it as a lost cause. Gripped by a ravaging ice-age, Cryos seemed as if it could never live again.

But when Ptyron saw a creature possessed of seemingly cosmic will-power, he became convinced that Cryos deserved a second chance. Ptyron had found a nest of twelve reptiloids so resilient that they repelled attacks by a predator ten times their size. Subjecting the entire brood to genetic modification, Ptyron turned the tiny beings into a squadron of devastating, fiercely loyal, highly intelligent bipedal warriors.

And strongest among them was Blitz.

With his devastating blade-claws, a plasmatic shield, and the ability to ride lightning itself, Blitz led his brood-mates on a vast trek across Cryos’s tragic, frigid wastelands. Losing nearly all his siblings, Blitz established an enclave in Cryos’s equatorial region that became the centre of Cryosi civilization.

Not a conqueror, but a defender of justice, Blitz accepted any into his protectorate who could feed his growing community and raise a city around them. But if anyone attacked him or those under his protection, Blitz unleashed the full strength of his electrical wrath, earning the title that has survived a thousand years: the Storm-Striker.

Abilities Edit

Abilities volticstrike
Voltic Slash (Basic Ability - Close-range Physical Attack)

Physically assaults foes with quick slashes from Blitz's dual claw weapons.

Abilities ride
Ride the Lightning (Teleportation - Attack/Stun)

Blitz takes the form of lightning to travel across space in the blink of an eye, stunning and damaging the targeted foe.

Plasma Sphere (Range-Attack/Stun/Explode)Blitz fires a Sphere of pure Electroplasma from his hand,this projectile moves slowly towards it's target,Zapping creatures it nears and dealing small damage.However if the Plasma Sphere comes into contact with a Darkspore it will explode and deal Heavy AOE plasma damage to enemy around the Target.Blitz' only ranged attack as Ride the lightning is technically a Melee ability

Abilities charged
Charged (Innate Passive Ability - Self Buff)

Blitz's lightning energies flare up when he critically strikes, causing the attack to be incredibly damaging.

Abilities plasmawreath
Plasma Wreath (Squad Ability - AOE Attack/Close-range defense)

Surrounds Blitz with orbiting lightning spheres that discharge when enemies are nearby.

Meteor Strike (?-Variant Ability - AOE Stun/Attack)

Calls down a meteor on a targeted point

Blitz is able to select any point on the map as a target, and then call down a flaming plasma meteor that explodes on impact, stunning and greatly damaging all enemies in the area of effect.

Trivia Edit

  • Blitz is featured on the game's boxart. He was originally unedited in the picture, but in the more recent versions, he sports a helmet strongly resembling Wraith's head, and in a more recent version, appears to be using Zrin's 'Sun Fist' ability.
  • Blitz is one of the fastest heroes in the game, and because of this, he was often used as a "test subject" during testing and demonstrations of the game, as his speed allowed for testing and demonstrations to be preformed more swiftly.
  • Blitz's 'Charged' ability icon is the same as his 'Ride the Lightning' icon.However in the Beta it has been changed to a fork of red lightning,This implies that the original emblem was just a placeholder.
  • Blitz’s name is derived from the word 'blitz',which in turn is derived from the German word 'Blitzkrieg'. One meaning of this word is; "Deal with something energetically: to concentrate a lot of effort on something". Another meaning is; "Try to overwhelm somebody: to subject somebody to an overwhelming amount of something". Both meanings are fitting for his character. The word blitz itself is German for lightning, another hint to his abilities.
  • Blitz, along with Sage, are the very first heroes unlocked in Darkspore. He is created by HELIX in a simulation chamber for the player to get used to the controls.
  • Blitz, appears to be of the same species as Lumin and Zrin; they are all bipedal reptiloids with Magma skin and are all implied to be members of Cryosi Civilisation,though Blitz was the apparent leader of this nation as is told in his lore on the Beta
  • Blitz's claws cause him to have a passing resemblance to Marvel Comic's superhero Wolverine.

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