A blaster battle in the Space Stage. The blue bolt is from the visible spaceship's Auto Blaster, while the red bolts are being fired from enemy fighters out of view.

Blasters are weapons that fire small, high-speed bolts of energy towards their target. They are effective against enemy spaceships, but are only used at close range in atmospheric combat. On the other hand, they can be used at far longer ranges in space and during interstellar travel, and are the only weapons that can be used outside of an atmosphere.

The "Laser Battle" Effect in Galactic Adventures is made to look like a battle between two sides using blue and red blasters. Like all Effects, however, these blasters cause no harm and do not function as actual weapons.

Rapid-Fire Blasters[]

Turret weapon[]

While most empires rely on lasers, flak guns and missiles to destroy attackers, the Grox make use of flak guns and rapid-firing blasters against their opponents. They are the only species to use blasters in anything other than fighter and defence spacecraft.

Spaceship weapon[]

Fighter spacecraft also use rapid-firing blasters against opponents. When the bomber they are escorting is attacked, they fly towards the attacker, trying to swarm them and bombard them with blaster fire. Planetary defence ships and pirate raiders will sometimes chase enemy spacecraft and fire both torpedoes and blasters, and the security drones used by an extinct species also fire blasters.

Auto Blaster[]

The Auto Blaster is a passive weapon, automatically firing at any enemies. Due to the Grox' aggression, it is a good idea to make sure that the Auto Blaster is turned off when trying to ally with them. Otherwise, it is most useful to have it permanently on and ready to fire. It is especially useful during combat, as the Auto Blaster can both increase damage done to enemy spacecraft by another weapon such as Proton Missiles, or it can be used as an anti-spacecraft defence while bombing an enemy city.

Auto Blaster bolts are slower than other blasters and take slightly longer to recharge before firing again. However, they make up for it by causing much more damage.

Auto Blasters are the only way a player can defend themselves if they are under attack while in space.

The player is able to switch which enemy is being targeted by the blaster by pressing Esc. However, this disables going to the settings menu to save until all enemies are defeated, so you must either kill all nearby enemies, or disable your Auto Blaster.


Level Requirements Damage per second Energy used per shot Energy Efficiency Description
Mini Auto Blaster Icon.jpg
Mini Auto Blaster
Conqueror 1 or Colonist 1 10 0.25 40 A defensive weapon that will automatically fire on enemy spaceships when attacked. Can be toggled on and off.
Auto Blaster Icon.png
Auto Blaster
Conqueror 2 or Colonist 2, Mini Auto Blaster 20 0.5 40 A defensive weapon that will automatically fire on enemy turrets and spaceships when attacked. Can be toggled on and off.
Mega Blaster Icon.png
Mega Auto Blaster
Conqueror 3 or Colonist 3, Auto Blaster 60 0.75 80 A defensive weapon that will automatically fire on enemy turrets and spaceships when attacked. Can be toggled on and off.


Empire type Purchase Cost
Mini Auto Blaster Icon.jpg Auto Blaster Icon.png Mega Blaster Icon.png
Own §100,000 §300,000 §900,000
Bard §65,000
Trader §65,000 §195,000
Warrior / Knight §50,000 §150,000 §450,000
Zealot §75,000 §225,000