Slashes the target for an energy cost.

- In-game description

The Bladed Knuckles is a captain accessory and weapon appeared in the Captain Outfitter. It is the first weapon unlocked in the warrior row of items.

Design Edit

The Bladed Knuckles are composed of a glove with three metal blades attached. They are mostly coloured by the Captain's coat colour, with only the rim of what appears to be the glove controls (base colour) and a small button inside the controls (detail colour) being coloured differently than the coat or the default metallic colours that cannot be changed.

Increasing the length of the blades upgrades the weapon, and causes them to become much larger. As the weapon is upgraded, the attack animation changes. Level 1 Energy Slash is a single, 1-armed strike in front of the player, leaving a green trail with 3 orange claw marks in the wake of the blades. Level 2 causes the captain to strike twice, and the claw marks disappear. At level 3, the captain jumps into the air and spins, holding the claws out to slash everything nearby. The trail is much wider than the first 2 levels, and the claw marks do not reappear.

Role Edit

The Bladed Knuckles are handheld melee weapons. The Knuckles' "Energy Slash" seems to work by striking the target with its blades and then passing electricity through the blades and into the target. Unlike the Lightning Striker, the electricity only damages the target instead of stunning it too. Like the Striker, the weapon is rendered useless when there is not enough energy to go through the blades. This could mean that the blades are useless without the electricity passing through them, even though increasing the Knuckles' power level also increases the size of the blades (however, this would likely mean more electricity is being passed into the target).

Combat Edit

Stats Edit

The damage, energy usage, and cooldown times can be found in the instruction booklet of Spore Galactic Adventures, on page 4. It has a 0.5x damage multiplier (1/2 damage) when used on vehicles and buildings.

  • Level 1
    • Damage: 30 (15 to vehicles and buildings)
    • Energy Used: 55
    • Cooldown: 1.44 seconds
  • Level 2
    • Damage: 50 (25 to vehicles and buildings)
    • Energy Used: 70
    • Cooldown: 1.5 seconds
  • Level 3
    • Damage: 90 (45 to vehicles and buildings)
    • Energy Used: 90
    • Cooldown: 1.75 seconds

Attacks Edit

Bladed Knuckles have a melee attack which strikes in a cone-like area in front of and slightly around the player, and therefore can hit multiple targets at the same time. As weapon level is increased, so too does damage, energy usage, cooldown times, and the size of the attack cone.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bladed Knuckles resemble Wolverine's claws from the X-Men.
  • In Darkspore, several default hero weapons bear a similarity to Bladed Knuckles, such as Blitz's dual claw weapons and Zrin's gauntlets.
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