Bilzac is the third planet of Galvopa system. Bilzac is a tropical Earth-like planet with lush vegetation.

Inhabitants Edit

Screeble Edit

The Screeble is an omnivorous, sapient, insectoid-like creature. Initially they had suction feet, small claws, tentacle-like limbs, a pig-like mouth, pseudo-antennae and cartoony eyes; evolving further the Screebles developed a more menacing appearance, with dark-blue scales and red stripes, reptilian eyes, as well as developing feet more adapted to running as opposed to sneaking, as the suction feet were. They also gained a new set of limbs, ending in clawed hands. Later in the E3 2006 demo, Screebles were divided in two cultures: one had a more "natural" building style, with cities made of wood and stone, and the other was more technologically advanced. Once Screebles advanced to the Space Age, they first collected one Boarmard specimen (also launching some other creatures in orbit for pure fun) to later see how the Orlops from Cattor would react with it. Screebles also created a colony in Lamstus, the second planet of Galvopa, bilzaciforming it. Later on they tried to make contact with other civilizations, and the Screebles ended up with a war against the Greevils for accidentally dropping one of their citizens, killing it during an abduction process. How this war ended up is never revealed, although it is known that the Greevils did attack the Screeble's homeworld.

A little more information on the Screebles is that their young are very playful and get into trouble a lot, especially with groups of Sporezelles which usually live near Screeble herds. Screebles are tough but take on only what they can handle; for large prey Screebles work in a group to bring the organism down.

Sporezelle Edit

Peaceful herbivores that dwell the plains of Bilzac, feeding mainly on grass. Sporezelles bare some strange relation with the Screebles (if you notice, they both have antennae, tusks on the mouth and are striped, just to list a few similarities). Given this relationship, it appears the Sporezelle's ancestors evolved a number of mammalian, then insectoid, and even reptilian characteristics. Sporezelles will attack other creatures if provoked, but they prefer to just scare them with roars and bringing other Sporezelles to help. They are very protective of their eggs and young but can be slow to realize that they are under attack.

Aawkwaard Edit

Small herbivores that live in the woodlands of Bilzac. They defend their nests with ferocity despite their size. They are closely related to the Boarmards and are very social. Aawkwaards have a strange set of tail feathers on their rumps, possibly for mating displays.

Boarmard Edit

Bulky herbivores that live in the plains of Bilzac. Instead of having four legs, these creatures have a set of six. Boarmards are normally peaceful, but they can easily become dangerous if their nests are threatened. Their spiked pad on the backs, which probably evolved from the tapir-like creatures' tail-feathers, don't seem to be used very often; in fact, they didn't see any use whatsoever in any demo.

Garoupa Edit

Garoupa are small quadrupedal fish-like creatures that inhabit the plains of Bilzac. The Garoupas have a clubbed tail which is rarely used, but when doing so, the creature bends its tail over its back and attempt to knock the enemy with the spiked points. They are considered to be closely related to the Pica.

Pica Edit

Pica are swift predators from Bilzac's plains. They feed on other animals' eggs and are extreme cowards, as they run from anything that comes to defend their meal. Their tail's spike isn't used very often, just like its relative, the Garoupa.