Bananaz are banana-like Maxis-made creatures present in the final game. They may be closely related to the Trilie creatures, also present in the game. They are a very intelligent, space-faring race. They do not wear any space outfits, though they do grow out thick mustaches and eyebrows, a style which is believed to go back to tribal times.

If attacked, they could weakly bite and claw at the assailant if running wasn't an option.


  • Bananaz appeared in a Galatic Adventures trailer as an epic creature.
  • Bananaz appears in a Robot Chicken adventure called Bloody Sundae. In the adventure the captain has to help the Bananaz defeat the monkeys.
  • They're possibly a reference to the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "1,000 Years of Courage" where banana people inhabit the earth in the year 3000 and are ruled by a monkey in a banana costume. This would explain why the Bananaz have ape-like limbs that are strikingly different from the rest of their body.
  • They could be a referance to the Peanut Butter Jelly meme from 2002.

A reconstruction of what primitive Bananaz may have looked like.