Badges are in-game achievements obtainable in the Space Stage of Spore. Most badges have five levels, each requiring more effort to obtain. View a badge's page to see more details on how to acquire the badge, and what you gain from the badge. Some players have noticed that the badges displayed, including the secret badges, only add up to 134 badges. In your inventory, it says that there are 139 badges.



Name Image Game Description How to Get
Body Guard Body Guard "You've defended XX friends." Defend allies from pirate raids and hostile empire attacks.

Level 5 - Defend 35 friends

Brain Surgeon Brain Surgeon "You've promoted XX creatures to Tribal." Promote creatures to Tribal stage with Monoliths.

Level 5 - Promote 40 creatures

Captain's Badge Captain's Badge "You've proven your skills as a Captain of your spaceship." Complete the first tutorial mission.
Cleaner Cleaner "You've completed XX Eradicator Missions." Complete Eradication Missions.
Collector Collector "You've collected XX artifacts." Find new artifacts.
Colonist Colonist "You've placed XX colony buildings." Place buildings in your colonies.

Level 5 - Place 200 buildings

Conqueror Conqueror "You've conquered XX planets." Conquer planets from other empires.

Level 5 - Conquer 50 planets

Diplomat Diplomat "You've formed XX Alliances." Form new alliances.

Level 5 - Form 20 alliances

Eco Hero Eco Hero "You've averted XX Eco Disasters." Save planets from Eco Disasters.

Level 5 - Avert 50 Eco Disasters

Economist Economist "You've purchased XX Solar Systems." Purchase Solar Systems through trade routes.

Level 5 - Purchase 20 Solar Systems

Empire Empire "You've expanded to XX solar systems." Expand your empire to new solar systems.

Level 5 - Expand to 35 Solar Systems.

Explorer Explorer "You've explored XX solar systems." Explore solar systems. You must zoom to the system, not just travel to the star.

Level 5 - Explore 500 Solar Systems

Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer "You've made XX Interstellar Flights." Fly between solar systems.

Level 5 - 1500 Interstellar Flights.

Golden Touch Golden Touch "You've accumulated XX Sporebucks." Have a certain amount of Sporebucks on hand.

Level 5 - Accumulate 10,000,000 Sporebucks

Gopher Gopher "You've completed XX Delivery Missions." Complete Delivery Missions.

Level 5 - 70 Delivery Missions

Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades "You've bought XX Tools." Buy tools for your UFO.

Level 5 - Buy 200 Tools

Joker Joker "You've cheated!"

Use an in-game console cheat code by pressing Ctrl-Shift-C at the same time.

You will get this badge if you use cheats such as moreMoney, spaceCreate, setConsequenceTrait, etc.

Getting this badge will disable any further acheivements.

Merchant Merchant "You've traded for XX Sporebucks." Sell Spice and Artifacts to other empires.

Level 5 - Trade for 15,000,000 Sporebucks

Missionista Missionista "You've completed XX Missions." Complete missions. Any mission type is counted.

Level 5 - Complete 50 missions

Planet Artiste Planet Artiste "You've used XX Planet Sculpting or Coloring Tools." Use Planet Sculpting and Coloring Tools.

Level 5 - Use 250 Planet Tools

Sightseer Sightseer "You've made XX Cosmic Discoveries" Visit Galactic Objects and Storybook Planets.

Level 5 - Made 70 cosmic discoveries.

Split Personality Split Personality "You've changed personality XX times" Change your empire's philosophy.

Level 1 - Change personality 1 time

Level 2 - Change personality 2 times

Level 3 - Change personality 4 times

Level 4 - Change personality 5 times

Level 5 - Change personality 6 times

Terra-Wrangler Terra-Wrangler "You've improved the terraforming score of XX planets." Improve the T-Score of planets. Using the Staff of Life doesn't count.

Level 5 - Improve score of 40 planets

Trader Trader "You've established XX trade routes." Create trade routes with other empires.

Level 5 - Establish 40 trade routes

Traveler Traveler "You've contacted XX empires." Contact other empires.

Level 5 - Contact 50 empires

Warmonger Warmonger "You've started XX wars." Start wars. This can be easily earned by getting the Dance With The Devil badge.

Level 5 - Start 15 wars

Wonderland Wanderer Wonderland_Wanderer "You've discovered XX Storybook Planets." Find Storybook Planets.
Zoologist Zoologist "You've filled out XX ecosystems." Complete ecosystems of planets.

Level 5 - Fill out 70 Ecosystems

Secret Badges[]

These badges are shown with a ? card.

Name Image Game Description How to Get
Badge Outta Heck Badge Outta Heck You’ve defeated the mighty Grox. Is there life after that? Destroy The Grox Empire
Dance With The Devil Dance With The Devil You've allied with the Grox. Are we on the dark side now? Ally with The Grox Empire

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