Babies are the younger versions of a creature. If compared to their mature stage, they would appear as toddlers. They hatch from eggs and quickly become adults.

Creature stage

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A baby following an adult

In the Creature stage babies are much weaker than normal creature, having half the health. Babies also cannot defend themselves, merely running away from danger (and squicking) or if the Alpha they follow is killed. However, a baby can attack if you have it in your pack and order an attack. They either wander around the nest or follow Alpha creatures so they dont get killed. Whenever you edit your creature your creature will always hatch from an egg as a baby. It will then learn moves that the previous generation did not know if you added parts that enable new abilities. Babies can be added to the pack, but is normally not recommended. However, if you have a baby in your pack when you mate, in the next generation it will grow to an adult, so if you are about to mate anyway it may be recommended if there are no adults around. Killing a baby from another nest will anger the adults and make them innately hostile, even if it is your first target. It should be noted that babies have eyes, hands, and feet that are larger in proportion to their bodies. Also, if you kill a baby, it makes a long wheezing sound before it falls dead on the ground. They are easier to socialize with even if they call adults to help them.

Strangely, if you interact with baby creatures in many ways, you may catch them making sounds similar to the radial mouthpieces, like Dietrap and Gnathognasher. This may be why when babies are killed they make the wheezing sounds, since if you kill any creature with radial mouth parts it too makes a wheezing sound just like babies except much more low-pitched. If a baby fights with a creature (a baby is in your pack and you order them to attack), it still deals the same amount of damage as its mature form would do.

Tribal stage


A baby in tribal stage.

Babies in the Tribal stage are like the those of the Creature stage, having half the health. This time to get an egg you must click on it from your hut, which uses 10 food. An egg will roll out the front door of the hut, and the baby will hatch. The right side of the screen will show how long before the baby becomes an adult, along with the rest of your tribe members. Babies need to be protected as you cannot control them until adulthood. For some reason, they sometimes don't run but stay as it is attacked, probably shocked so much they seize up.

Babies will also interact with adult tribe members. Although, it is pretty rare, the player would have to keep their eyes on the adults and babies in order to catch these interactions. The babies can also do various things like doing frontflips and running in circles until they get dizzy, collapse and then get back up. They have even been seen playing with a small ball. The sounds made from the baby are a bit different than those made in the Creature Stage. If you listen to them long enough you may hear them say "Mama".

Space stage

The Packs of wild creatures that roam across planets in space stage include babies, they can also be seen in tribes on tribal planets. It is easy to observe all this with the hologram scout. It is also hinted that baby citizens are inside a city along with the citizens or inside a building growing up. This is based upon speech-bubbles with a picture of a stork carrying a bag. This is from the myth that storks delivered babies.

Galactic Adventures

Capricornian Babies

Two babies in Galactic Adventures

Babies appear in Galactic Adventures as downscaled versions of their normal form. Their eyes grow larger and their voice becomes distinctively high pitched. These creatures have all the abilities of normal creatures, and can even use Captain weaponry, this can be used to the amusement of the player.

To make a baby in Galactic Adventure, go to the Adventure Creator and select a creature you have placed on the planet. Hold down shift and roll the mouse with your finger or press the - button on your keyboard, this can be used to make your creature into a baby.