Artifacts are remains of civilizations that have become extinct, or spacefaring civilizations that have visited the area in question and then moved on, leaving behind an artifact for whatever reason. They can be beamed aboard the UFO using the abduction beam in your Spaceship. Artifacts can be placed on colonies belonging to you if you wish to start a collection, and they won't move from the spot they are initially placed in, unless you do not own the planet. This makes it possible to hoard them.


Sometimes, Pirates will trick you into a trap by faking the rare signal. If it is a trap, a message will pop in the Info Log and say "It's a trap!" This may be a reference to the famous utterance of the same phrase by Admiral Ackbar in The Return of the Jedi, Systems controlled by empires won't have pirate traps. On the other hand, rare signals in saved game candidate systems and the Sol system are always traps.

Where to Find Them[]

Planets which house an artifact will pulsate with a golden-yellow signal when zoomed far enough into a star system, you do not have to be orbiting the planet for the signal to appear. When a planet emanates this signal, descending to its surface will activate your ship's radar, leading you to the artifact. Simply bring it aboard using the Abduction Beam.

They can be found on any planet in the spore universe and can also appear on planets you have previously searched. Checking back on star systems you have not explored for some time is therefore recommended if you are in search of these items. Sometimes it will be a Pirate Trap, which will have pirates attacking you, and there will be no artifact on the surface. Other times, it will turn out to be a Planet Sculpting or Planet Coloring tool.

It should be noted that taking an artifact from a world populated by another space-faring race will result in a negative Relation Bonus for "Stealing Our Resources". However, except for artifacts located within a Grox empire system, any artifacts located on any unclaimed worlds, including those within empire systems, can be claimed without penalty. Planet Sculpting and Planet Coloring tools can be taken from any planet, including empire worlds, without penalty.

What do They Do[]

Artifacts are not used to advance the technology or traits of your race. They are highly lucrative items which can be sold to planets in the trade window for a large amount of Sporebucks (anywhere from 22,500 to 225,000). For philosophy-based items, double the price is payed by corresponding archetypes. Artifacts can also be gathered into collections which can then be sold for an even greater number of Sporebucks each collection consisting of 10 specific artifacts. Alternatively these collections can be left on a planet inhabited by a pre-space sentient race to grant a heavy bonus to your relationship with them when they advance to the Space stage and also a great reduction in cost of goods in that planet's trade window.


Rares is a tab in the My Collections window. The Rares tab includes everything from scrolls to black holes.

Space Rares[]

While exploring space, you can find many unique planets and objects. These can range from planets with gear-like formations to a small flying saucer that's trying to sell you Earth.

Ancient Rares[]

Ancient Civilizations leave behind evidence of their existence, and you can find these on planets all around the galaxy.

Natural Rares[]

Rares formed by natural means.

Philosophy-based items[]

Chronicles of the beliefs of the 10 archetypes.

Rares in Archetype Change[]

In a change archetype mission to become a Bard, you must collect 25 rares.

In a change archetype mission to become a Scientist, you must see 20 rare galactic objects.


Artifacts are objects sometimes encounted by the player for space stage missions. These objects have no value other than the mission, and can't be sold. If left on a planet they will stay there.

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