Arakna, the Soul Collector. Necro Ravager from Nocturna.

Allies and enemies alike whispered her title, the Soul Collector.

Arakna the Soul Collector is a Necro Ravager from the game Darkspore. She is from the planet Nocturna, and resembles a spider, as her name suggests. Arakna was called a Tempest at Comic-con 2010, but she has apparently been changed to a Ravager, or this was a mistake. Other than being a member of the Nocturni Legion, it is unknown if she has any relations towards Jinx.


Arakna was first seen when Darkspore was first demonstrated at GamesCom fighting alongside Meditron. She underwent some major changes before being officially revealed on the Darkspore website.


Few in the Nocturni Legion inspired the terror that Arakna did. Allies and enemies alike whispered her title, the Soul Collector.

Arakna could hurl neurodisruptive hyper-pulses, or "soul bolts," and strike with necrotic bursts. She could rip strategic secrets from even her mightiest opponents by tearing out their neuro-intellectual identities or "souls."

For the souls of her final hold-outs, Arakna reserved two terrifying fates: to be transformed into necrotic weapons against their own comrades, or fed to the throbbing thousands in her egg sack in unspeakable psychic agony.


Abilities lancet.png

Necrotic Lancet (Basic Ability - Energy-based Ranged attack)

Fires medium-range bolts of lethal necro energy.

Abilities necroburst.png

Necrotic Burst (Energy-based Ranged attack)

Radially fires a number of exploding necrotic projectiles based on the quantity of her collected souls.

Abilities soulcollect.png

Soul Collector (Innate Passive Ability - Self Buff)

Collects the souls of every enemy killed, increasing Arakna's damage and the potency of her other abilities.

Abilities soulvolley.png

Soul Volley (Squad Ability - Energy-based Ranged-homing Attack)

Launches a stream of homing projectiles that return health to Arakna upon impact.

(Variant Ability is Unknown)


  • Arakna is one of the few heroes whose "voices" have been heard. Every time she attacks, she makes a screeching-gargle noise. Other heroes who makes noise are Wraith, Titan, Viper, and Magnos.
  • Her name is derived from the word arachnid, the taxonomy that spiders fall into.
  • Arakna's blaster weapon resembles the ones that Tork has strapped onto his wrists.
  • Originating from opposing forces, Arakna is thought to have a grudge against Jinx. Fans often joke and dispute about this, saying things such as during missions, Jinx and her might argue over which side of the Nocturni Legion is superior.
  • Arakna's name is typed as "Arakhna" in the Darkspore ARG, HelpEDNA.
  • Arakna was the first hero revealed to be female and have no hands. The only other known females hero so far are Andromeda, Seraph-X5, and now Jinx as well.
  • Arakna's early design resembled that of a Triocular Scorpiod.

Arakna's earliest-known design from Comic-con 2010.


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