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An anthem is music that plays in a nation/empire's cities in the Civilization Stage, the Space Stage, and the City Planner. The player is always given an anthem when they enter the Civilization stage or the Space stage, a random anthem created by an algorithm. The player can also edit and save their own anthems with the Anthem editor, and can be saved in the Sporepedia.

In Space stage, the player can hear an empire's anthem by approaching a city. Anthems are also heard in the transmission window, but are harder to listen above the voices of the colony leader. The Grox Empire have a unique anthem, with static sounds as an introduction, and keening followed by a deep, strangely non-robotic voice singing happily; some players guess that it is the poetry of Vogons (D. Adams, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


  • Creating and saving 10 anthems award the player with the Ghetto Blaster Achievement.
  • Anthems, along with colonial vehicles, were the only sections of Maxis' Sporepedia with no creations.
  • Anthems and cells are the only user created content that can't be shared with other Spore players.
  • A video showing the Grox's anthem playing is here: [1]
  • Anthems can, in a way, be "shared", by use of the png file.
  • The maximum amount of notes that can be in an anthem is 16.