Alpha creatures are a type of creature seen in all stages of Spore except for the Cell Stage, as creatures do not exist in that stage.

In Creature Stage[]

In the creature stage, Alphas are stronger than normal creatures. They have about 25% more health and are harder to impress. Killing or befriending one will give your creature a new part.

In Tribal Stage[]

Alphas have more health than normal creatures, and require more food to domesticate.

In Civilization Stage[]

Sometimes, Alpha sized creatures can be seen wandering around. They only attack other creatures wandering around, and will flee when approached by a vehicle.

In Space Stage[]

Same as Civilization Stage.

Removed Stages[]

Alpha Creatures would not have appeared in the Molecular Stage as no creatures existed at that time. They may have appeared in the Aquatic Stage, and would have appeared in City Stage acting the same as Civilization Stage Alphas do.