The island city of Tirithsilliana is a the Royal City of Rambo Nation, housing the Royal Palace and many appartments for delegates from other empires, it is the capital city of the Rambo Capital, founded around 20.000 BQF and took over 2500 years to complete her construction. At her construction she at once became most important city to the Rambo Serindia and the center of the Royal House. With it, she is also one of the most ancient and legendary cities of the planet- and later on of the entire Nation. The city houses the Royal Dyanasty and is often called the Royal City- though many more member species live within the many buildings and houses that surround the massive Royal Palace.


In ancient history construction started in 20.000 BQF and finished over 2500 years later, the city was build by the Rambo Serindia. During the Medieval Era the city was already known for her importance and was kept out of harm during the wars between the Rambo Alliance and the Red Serindia Kingdom.

The Imperial presence in the city (07 AQF)

During the civilization era she belonged to the yellow Serindia tribe. Over the course of history- the city expanded, became wealthy and even more important to the Nation. When the Rambo reached Space Tirithsilliana remained the Royal City of the newly formed Rambo Nation (450 BQF). Between 434 BQF and 430 BQF (the 2nd Trogg War) the city suffered damage from an orbital bombartment, but was rebuild. The statue of the Founder was destroyed during the attack. Afterwards for hundreds of years the city didn't came under attack- and was left in peace until 05 BQF. In that year the Imperial Alliance attacked the City during the First Galactic War, most defence systems were destroyed and the entire High Council and Emperor were killed when the Imperials invaded the City. They have been defeated however and were forced to withdrawn. The damage done to the city was repaired after the attack- but took months. When Empress Ramashe became the new ruler of Rambo Nation she settled down at Tirithsilliana and allowed a expansion of the city. Five years later, during the Second Galactic War the city suffered the most during the attack by the Imperial Alliance and needed massive repairs, which changed her appearance forever. The city became filled with statues, high towering buildings and with the Treaty of Fornearia in 03 AQF the city became crowded with many species of the Nation. Most of the buildings remained in ancient founder style and were constructed to provide rooms and homes to the servants and Royal Family as well as the new citizens.

Finally in 05 AQF/01 NE the city neared it's completion and became even larger than the capital city of the Nation- Rambo City. Tirithsilliana now houses the most citizens and became one of the larger cities of the Nation. In 01 Ne during the signing of the Concordat the Nation fell under the "protectrate" of Galactic Empire of Cyrannus- Tirithsilliana however became a beacon of hope and freedom.

Notable Places[]

The city of Tirithsilliana houses many notable places, with many features and activities. However there are some places which are the most notable:

Royal Palace of House Le Rambo[]

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is the largest and most sophisticated building in Rambo Nation and at the Rambo Capital. It took 2150 years to complete and since its completion the building functioned as the royal seat for Serindia kin. The Royal Tower is very large, the tallest building on the entire planet and reaches into the skies above. Even from the Floating Docks the Tower is clearly visible and surrounding her are many buildings and towering building, all build in "Old Founder" style. Some claim in fact that the Royal Palace is build a top the city and mountain of the capital island. The Palace is home to Empress Ramashe of House Le Rambo who inhabit the building since 450 BQF, the start of their Dynasty. Ever since its housing the Royal Family and their closest subject and personnel and is home to the Royal Guard as well. It is located in the south of the island and it build at the mountain hills.

Royal Courtyard

The Palace houses the Royal Dynasty and as such contains the Royal Throne Room, the Royal Appartments and the Royal Tombes, located deep under the ground where past monarchs are burried. The palace has various landing docks for shuttles to land, her own shuttle bay and underground monorail for escape emergencies, the monorail is recent as it was build after 0 BQF. The palace is equipped with various anti-space cannons, hidden underneath stone plattforms, as well as her own shield to stand against an orbital bombardment for a short while.

The Royal Courtyard is a small area where the entrance into the Royal Palace is found, towering high above the city it has a stone guarden and various trees. Guarded at all times by Royal Guards and various trees the place can only be reached by shuttle or by secret passages which only the Royal Family know of. Around the Courtyard stand three statues of the greatest protectors of the Nation; Emperor Ramulindalë, Emperor Dino Le Rambo and Ram'Eris.

North-East District[]

North-East District with the Imperial Embassay

The North East District lies near the outskirts of the city, an area with the tallest and largest building, the district is often called the economic and diplomatic districts due to the high number of offices and diplomatic appartments. The most notable building in the district is the towering building of the Imperial Embassy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and seat of the Grand Mandator of Elen'Naneth.

Once it was designated as a large appartment building for intergalactic citizens but since the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat the Goverment of Rambo Nation has given/forced the building upon the Imperials for their use. The massive spiral tower gives home to the officials of the Empire and has its own shuttlebay and Imperial defenses. On top of the building the insigna of the Empire was placed as a reminder to the citizens that the Empire rules supreme over both Cyrannus and the Quarants.

Western District[]

Harbor and the "Western Wall"

The Western District is home to many of the citizens and center of trade and commerce. With the harbor that brings all the goods and most of the orbital plattforms for docking by shuttles and ships, the western district is always crowded by people and a disaster for traffic, both over ground and by air.

The outer wall, often nicknamed by the citizens as the "Western Wall" was build in ancient times as a defensive wall and was the area where citizens arrived and could enter the city (now by shuttle or car as well). Near the wall was a forest but over time the western wall was upgraded with houses, towers and the docks for boats and the forest shrinked in size to make room for the buildings. Since modern times a large bridge enters the city from the west and comes from the main land towards the island city of Tirithsilliana, this allows cars and other ground vehicles to enter the city by highroad.

South-East District[]

South-Eastern Watchers

The South-East District is the most recent addition of the city, located on the other side of the mountain upon the Royal Palace is build, a new district was build to house the many citizens of the Nation and the city. The district can only be accessed by underground tunnels that run underneath the mountain or by boat.

  • South Eastern Watchers is an small area in the south west on the other side of the mountain.

Most notable about the district are the large statues, known as the "Watcher". The watchers are three mythical arc-enemies of Rambo Nation:

The homes below the large statues are often hotels or very large penthouses and are only for the rich of the Nation.


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