Rambo City is the capital city of Rambo Nation found on the Rambo Capital. Located on a island within a large river, the city is filled with skyscrapers, full of ancient buildings and houses and important facilities. Like Tirithsilliana, the city is of vital importance for Rambo Nation, it houses the headquarters of Rambo Command, the Rambo Acadamy at the other side of the river for all those who wish to serve within Rambo Command as well as the classified emergency conference room, only known by members of the goverment.

In the early days of history, Rambo City was founded by the Rambo Founder, and marked the beginning of a new age for the Rambo Serindia. The City herself is over 50.000 years old and is known under differant names, most commonly as Rambo City, the First City and Home of the Founder, in ancient language Ramboidixia.


Construction of the city started around 50.000 BQF, by the Yellow Serindia. At first the city excisted only out of a few huts and a small wooden capital building for the chief of the tribe. When the Rambo Serindia developed themselves further and became more advanced, stone buildings were placed within the village and eventually the village grew out to become a city and had grown significant in size and population.

However, when the Rambo Serindia waged a Civil War during their Civilization Stage, Rambo City came under attack and was partly damaged and destroyed, though due to the efforts of the guards the City was saved from total destruction. The Rambo Founder, already living in the City around that time was elected leader of the City and marked the beginning of a new Age. He made it possible to ally the other Rambo Cities and peace was made, making Rambo City the center of their might.

Academy Main School Building

The Rambo City of Tirithsilliana was chosen as the capital city of the planet, another ancient City that was spared from the war and houses most of the nobles and in future time home to the Royal Dynasty. Working togther the first space ship was launched into space from Rambo City, marking the beginning of Rambo Nation and their explorations of the Quadrant Galaxies. When Rambo Command was formed as the navy grew larger over time, they decided their Acadamy was placed near the capital city of Rambo Nation, and as such the Academy grounds were constructed at the other side of the river.

Over time, with the Monarchy making more and more decisions Rambo City lost her influance within the Nation as more and more planets joined Rambo Nation and they constructed their own colonies like Koerband and Rametru Nui. However it remained the seat of Rambo Command and the city became the center of education as well with the opening of the libary, various schools and ofcourse the Academy. It also became a populair tourist attraction and eventually the Serindia Bank settled her head building in the city as well, keepin the gold storage of Rambo Nation in a guarded vault underneath Rambo Command HQ.

As Home of the Founder, the city has a mystic and famous character and reputation. Spared from modern wars, the city eventually came under attack in 0 BQF when the Imperial Alliance attacked the Rambo Capital during the Second Galactic War. Shortly after the end of the Second Galactic War a Lequian Spy visited the city in search of Fahler, but did not find him at Rambo City. However, it did find clues of where to find him, on a CSA Colonie. Since then the city returned to its normal going and leavings, standing firm as always.

Notable Locations[]

Acadamy Grounds[]

Academy Grounds

The Academy Grounds are located on the other side of the river, facing Rambo City. The Academy Grounds is property of Rambo Command and as such is viewed as military grounds.

Sleeping quarters and a part of the assault course

The compound features sleeping quarters for their students and teachers, areas where students recieve their drills, can execute push and sit-ups etc. Various attributes function as an assault course to learn students to find solution in all kind of situations and the compound also has various sport facilities, a swimming pool, holodecks and gravity simulation rooms. Ofcourse the compound also has a main building, where all the class rooms are located, a shuttlebay where shuttles can be launched from for flying excersises and a small dock for water and boat excersises.

At the grounds, Rambo Command is able to learn the cadets whatever they need to know about the division they are being send too.

City Districts[]

Coastal District

The City Districts feature all the houses for the citizens of Rambo City, whether they are families or student appartments, Rambo City features a lot of differant accomodations, including cinema's, markets, appartments in the centre of the city or near the coast, a massive libary containing all availible information found on parchements, in books and on digital data from the Quadrantia HoloNet. The districts are crowded by people, overflowing traffic over ground and underground has been a problem for years, as such the air busses are a fine solution for those that can pay it and do not want to travel by ground vehicles anymore.

Due to the large number of citizens, crime rate is somewhat larger here than in the other cities found on the Rambo Capital, as the city is also the central arrival port for visitors of the Rambo Capital. The most common crime is the theft of wallets and burglary.

Founders Villa[]

The Founder's Villa and home

The Founder's Villa is an ancient building, home of the legendary and ancient Rambo Founder. Inside the villa accomodates the Founder in all his needs, with a large kitchen, living and dining room, welcoming room, a private office and underground training facilities. The small side building is somesort of shrine, where the Founders honors the Rambo Gods with candles and prayers.

Upon the Founders missing, the house became empty and came under the property of the Royal Dynasty who decided that it would be renovated and on some occasions tourists were able to visit the building. Under constant protection of the Goldianius, as they see it as a temple dedicated to the Rambo Gods the building is never unwatched. Upon the retun of the Founder he reclaimed his house and lives within it, often drinking a cup of thea and reading a book outside in his garden.

Rambo Command Headquarters[]

Rambo Command Headquarters

The Rambo Command Headquarters is a massive towering tower, reaching up far into the sky this massive building is the beating heart of Rambo Command and the armed forces of Rambo Nation. The tower features the many offices of high ranking Command officers, as well as the two vice-admirals and the Marscalcus, the Command in Chief. The building has its own generator for energy, in case of emergency the tower can raise shields and anti-space cannons to defend herself against threats. The building has various shuttlebays, their own traffic control, houses the central database, records of all military actions and ships in service, a direct digital connection with the Royal Palace in Tirithsilliana and a garrisson of Rambo Clone Troopers. The underground levels are classified, but are known to include storages for dangerous artifacts, the warp core energy central, classified labs and a bunker that should be albe to withstand an orbital bombardment with computer rooms to keep the space fleet running.

The building itself is easily recognised, located in front of the massive Serindia Appartments, the Headquarters is identified by a massive golden statue of its insigna. The insigna statue is made of gold and rubies, making it one of the most precious visible treasures of Rambo Nation.


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