An adventure, created by Maxis.

An Adventure is a mission that requires player to beam down to a planet to complete a series of tasks. The adventure is finished when the player completes all the goals or fails. These adventures can be played and made by installing the Galactic Adventures logo.png Galactic Adventures expansion pack. Adventures can be made by the players of GA but Maxis regularly releases new ones made by them. The Adventure Editor and Creator can be found under the "Create" and "Galactic Adventures" sections of Spore's main menu. Sporepoints are achieved through completing adventures, and used to level up captains. They serve as experience points in Galactic Adventures. Player can also bring a crew with up to three members along to help them in some adventures.

Adventure Planets[]

In the Space Stage, planets with adventures are marked in star systems player have visited by a white flag. Upon completion, these adventures grant experience. The flags also become faded once you've done the adventure, meaning there's nothing to be gained save for entertainment. Adventure planets are created from normal planets: when the player accepts an adventure mission an uninhabited planet transforms into an Adventure planet. It is not possible to colonize adventure planets or for the ship to enter these world's atmospheres, you can only be in orbit of an Adventure planet or beam down to play the adventure. Once a planet is transformed into an adventure planet, there is no known way of transforming it back into a normal planet, expect possibly by deleting it's adventure or, if this is possible, colonizing or somehow interacting with the planet in vanilla Spore.

Note that the information about the planet play see from space, T-score, spice collar, and geography, are that of the planet prior to it's transformation into an adventure planet, that information probably has no baring on the adventure the planet is linked to.


The adventures can be one of ten types:

  • Attack: Mainly kill and attack goals.
  • Collect: Mostly collect or hold goals.
  • Socialize: Mainly befriend goals.
  • Story: Mainly talk to or examine goals.
  • Quest: Mostly the player has to find objects (such as a treasured gemstone) or complete a storyline through an adventure.
  • Defend: Mainly block or defend goals.
  • Puzzle: Usually move to some place, like a maze, some are more complicated and difficult, such as solving riddles.
  • Explore: Usually explore some place
  • Template: Usually planet art or a planet for other users to edit.
  • No Genre: Something that doesn't fit or an adventure that contains more than one types. Default


  • Without any armor, and unless the captain is invincible, lava in adventures will kill any captain in two seconds, no matter how much health they have.
  • Captains are the player-equipped with the tools needed.
  • Sporepoints are achieved through completing adventures, and used to level up captains. They serve as experience points in Galactic Adventures.
  • Combat and socialization are both common in adventures (though the former is more often seen) and are identical to combat and socialization in the creature stage except that a captain may have certain parts (weapons, etc.) to aid in this.
  • Adventures can be equipped with a variety of music or effects to darken or lighten the mood.
  • The adventure creator comes with plenty of premade objects. Such as Props, Effects, and Music. Everything from the tribal huts to the decorations for cities to teleporters are included. Creatures, vehicles and buildings can be uploaded from the Sporepedia and used in the adventure. A certain creature can be chosen as the captain for the adventure or the choice can be left up to the player.
  • There is a glitch that can occur when someone makes an adventure with respawning power-ups. When editing, the power-ups are in the right places, but when the creator tests the adventure, the power-ups are in the wrong places.