Abduction Beam's icon

"Use to abduct plants, animals or rares and add them to your cargo bay."

The Abduction beam unleashes a small ray of light that brings items into the cargo bay whenever it is activated. Must be used on a valid object.

This starting tool allows you to transfer items on the planet into your Cargo Hold. It is given to you for free near the beginning of the Space stage. Take note that in order to abduct an object, you must hold down the mouse until the object appears in your Cargo Hold. Releasing the mouse anytime in between the abduction causes the object to simply fall down to the ground. If it is a creature or a civilian, it automatically becomes eliminated if dropped at a high elevation. Abducting another planet's civilized citizens or resources (such as spice or rares) upsets the local empire. The abduction beam cannot be used to collect Grox, since they are "too toxic" for the Cargo Hold.

The Abduction Beam being used in-game.


The abduction beam is based on the very similar tractor beam from science fiction such as Star Trek or "Skyline", as well as some real-life stories of alleged alien abduction. You can also see the abduction beam in action in the creature stage, and in the tribal stage, spaceships may abduct your domesticated creatures.


This tool is available at the beginning of the game.