The Will Wright Interview in Discover Magazine pointed out that "In Spore a player can animate any creature imaginable; for a fee, it can be made into a three dimensional reality." tells us that "[While creating your creature in the creature editor] you could also hit a menu item and send your creature to Maxis’ 3D printer, which automatically creates a model of it."

During E3 2006, various members of the press as well as SporeWiki's own Hydromancerx were allowed to test out the creature editor behind closed doors. Later models were sent to some of those who created in the editor, with a brief letter: Figurine letter

Possibilities Edit

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Along with making creatures through the 3D Printer Service, it seems entirely likely (and profitable to Maxis) to allow 3D printing of some or all of the following user created content: buildings, vehicles, huts, UFOs, flora, as well as planets. The possibilities for Maxis to easily make money by supplying users with physical forms of all of their Spore creations makes this extremly likely. If they haven't thought of this yet, they should soon.


Only creatures can be made with the 3D Printer Service and certain parts cannot be replicated i.e fragile parts like feather duster or eyestalks can't be created. Dust can settle in places where it cannot be cleaned out as excess powder can get permanently stuck in tight areas.

Spore Sculptor Edit

Spore Sculptor is a Zprints division that manufactures 3D Prints of Creatures, unlike the original expectations, some creatures are unable to be printed. as of now, only creatures are able to be printed.

Figurines Edit

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