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Spore Creeepy and Cute at EA Store

Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack is Spore's first expansion, released on the 18th of November. It costs $20 (US), and mainly adds content to the Creature Editor.

The new mouths do not use any new sounds. Instead, they use a variety of the current sounds. For example, The "Macobbjaw" part sounds exactly like the "Crockisser" part.

It contains: Modifier

  • 60 creature parts, (noiticeable both "creepy" or "evil and "cute" or "funny".
  • 2 test drive backgrounds (one that looks like a "dreamland" and one that looks like a place with city ruins)
  • 48 new paint scripts (12 base layers, 12 coat layers, 12 detail layers and 12 complete styles) and
  • 24 new preview animations.

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Spore Creepy and Cute Parts Pack Trailer