Spore discussionModifier

The chat page is a place specifically for discussing Spore. Tired of articles and categories and special pages? Come to the chat page to kick back and talk about Spore in a friendly, casual way, much like a forum discussion.

30px To do:Modifier

One-time tasksModifier

Repeated tasksModifier

  • Expand stubs.
  • Expand or delete speculation articles.
  • Mark deletable articles with {{afd}}.
  • Expand one of the articles requiring information.
  • Mark articles that need to be merged with another article with {{merge|Other Article}} to articles which should be simply a section or subsection of some "Other Article".
  • Welcome new editors.

Needs workModifier

Improve articles in the articles requiring work category. Although focus on the critical ones.

Requested articlesModifier

Create articles that have been requested by other users. don't make the (Game) pages until they can be made in-game.

30px Check-ups:Modifier

These are tasks that will need to be done occasionally every certain amount of time.

30px Goals:Modifier

  • Creature, hut, building, vehicle, UFO, flora, terrain databases - Allow users to create their own user created content pages with screenshots and downloads of their creations.
  • Concept art - Donated by gamers
  • Image gallery - Have an image of everything important to spore and every image that a spore fan could be looking for.
  • Statistics - Show and explain as much of Spore as possible.
  • Guides - Show how to apply the statistics in survival or optimization.
  • Become the premier source for everything regarding spore.
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere for the users, through the art of aesthetics.

Question What do you think?Modifier

These are articles or talk pages where your input is needed for a certain question, disagreement, consensus, or anything else. Let's hear what you think.

30px Information repositoryModifier

The information repository is a place to dump internet article links or other bits of info to be disected and placed in the wiki. If you have Spore information, and you think we don't have it but you don't know where to put it, then post it here and we will place it where it belongs if it's new.